Turbo Pots Growing System works by a specialized controller we build and manufacture here in the USA that pumps nutrients, water, and air directly (sub-surface) to the root zone. Then our TURBO air pump kicks in and purges the system and aerates the roots and the soil with nitrogen and oxygen. Our system makes it virtual impossible to over water and kill your plants! Our patent pending design give your soil massive amounts of oxygen eliminating any chances of root rot.

This is a simple representation of our patent pending design featuturing our tapered nutrient, water and air injection hoop. It is designed to give more water and air at lower levels where your root grow. Why do we water our plants over the top? Roots don't live at the top layers of your soil!

At the same time TURBO POTS feeds your live soil with all the air it needs to make your beneficial bacteria, fungi, and microbes super thrive. We create an environment full of air, nitrogen, water and nutrients allowing your plants roots to uptake as much nutrients it wants, pushing your plants to the limits. This creates faster flower cycles, larger and faster plant/bloom growth, more potent fruits and extremely healthy large plants. Oxygen is proven to help aid and reverse disease in both plants and humans and promote better performance. 

Both the Hobbyist and the Pro Turbo Pots growers were designed for the indoor soil grower.   The best thing about our system is that it can evenly distribute water, nutrients, and air throughout the entire pot without needing to rotate or move your plants around.