Turbo Pots FAQ

Q? How many pots can a Turbo Pots Pro Grower System run?

A. The Turbo Pots Pro Grower is more powerful than the Turbo Pots Hobbyist System. The Pro Grower can run up to (18) 5/10 gallon pots, (12) 15 gallon pots, (6) 25/35 gallon pots or (4) 65 gallon pots.


Q? How many pots can a Turbo Pots Hobbyist Grower System run?

A. The Turbo Pots Hobbyist Grower can run (12) 5/10 gallon pots (6) 15 gallon pots or (4) 25/35 gallon pots.


Q? What if I want to run more plants and I have a large scale grow?

A. Contact us so we can build a system to fit your needs. This is a small version but we can scale it up to handle hundreds of plants per system. This may include a custom install depending on your growing environment. 


Q? Why is there a limit on how many pots that each unit can run?

A. Each system has a air pump for the Turbo function, the more pots you add the more that amount of air flow is divided and reduced. We have designed each system to have multiple configurations that will give each pot ample amounts of air. Add to many pots to one system will reduce the amount of air making the system not as effective. 


Q? What type of nutrients are being used with the Turbo Pot System?

A. Many types of nutrient can be used.  All solid materials should be strained before putting into reservoirs to prevent pump and injection hoop clogging.  If compose tea is used be sure to stain through a 220 micron screen or filter. 


Q? Are we having trouble with any type of nutrients we have used?

A. Turbo Pots watering system is designed to have a wide range of nutrients used in conjunction with a water flush to prevent bacteria build-up or clogging of lines and hoops.


Q? What do I do if the system fails to function properly?

A. If the Turbo Pots System fails water your plants traditionally (pour your water or nutrients into the container) then contact us to resolve the issue of the malfunction.


Q? Can the system monitor the moisture and PH balance?

A. This system has not been designed to monitor moisture or PH balance.  We recommend to use a moisture meter in each individual pot and PH your nutrients in your reservoir prior to filling the Turbo Pots reservoir.  When using a moisturemeter insert carefully as not to puncture the hoop.  It is recommended to install a moisture meter while transplanting to avoid puncturing the hoop. 


Q? How much is the cost of one replacement hoop? 

A. Go to the Shop Now page and all the hoops will be listed, the more you buy the cheaper they will be. Please pay attention to the hoop size you choose as we have several options to fit your growing style.


Q? What do we predict the lifetime of the Turbo Pot system is?

A. Turbo Pot System comes with a one year warranty.  If maintained properly we expect the unit to last several years.


Q? Can the PH be automated via a laptop or smart phone?

A. In an effort to keep the cost reasonable we have not incorporated the feature of automating the PH balance using a laptop or smartphone. This feature can be added yourself to the reservoir at any time and doesn't need to be built into the Turbo Pots System to be incorporated. Our Turbo Pots System will draw out of any reservoir you are utilizing. 


Q? How can you control the monitoring of the water with the Turbo Pots System? 

A. Monitoring the water in the Turbo Pots System is achieved by only filling the reservoir with the required amount of water for that day.  This allows you to control and monitor how much water is used.  Each Turbo Pots System comes with a 5 gallon reservoir making it easy to monitor your water intake.


Q? What is the difference between the Turbo Pot System verses Hydroponics and Aeroponics?

A. The Turbo Pots System brings the benefits of growing organically with automation and the benefits of hydro. The main difference is you can grow in soil with the Turbo Pot System. You will get the hydro injection and air injection with the flavor of soil when using the Turbo Pot System.  Hydroponics and Aeroponics are all chemical based growing systems using water or mist.


Q? How do you clean the Turbo Pot System? 

A. All reservoirs need to be cleaned and frequency of cleaning depends on the type of nutrients used. The rest of the system is self cleaning if you use the water feature properly. We recommend running water through the system every 2 cycles to insure no build up. The Pro Grower has a separate water reservoir this is programmed to run after each nutrient cycle to do a self cleaning cycle of the lines and hoops. The nutrient pump does need a water flush every 2 feedings depending on the nutrients used. Organic nutrients do clog the pump faster than chemical nutrients will. Refer to trouble shooting if you experience any problems.


Q? Will the roots attach or grow into the hoops?

A. With our patent pending design we have found a way to eliminate root intrusion. Our Turbo Pots system will purge out any nutrients or water out of all the line so roots can NOT grow into the injection hoop. Roots do not grow into air, they air prune them self and make more roots!


Q? Are the hoops reusable. How many times can they be reused?

A. If used properly you can use the Turbo Pots injection hoops several times. We recommend a one year life span to avoid bad bactria build up.


Q? How easy is it to remove the plant from the hoop without killing the plant?

A. It is not recommend to remove your plant from the Turbo Pots System until the plant is done flowering and ready for harvest. One it is planted the roots will grow around it, you can remove the plant but not without some root damage. The plant will survive but temporary shock will occur.


Q? How old should the plant be before transplanting in the hoops and start using the Turbo Pots System?

A. There is no set standard for the age of a plant to be transplanted into the Turbo Pots System. The bigger you veg your plant the more you will yeild and our Turbo Pots System will help you feed bigger plants better and more air means bigger buds!